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Questions and Answers

What to do with my garage door opener when out of town?
I know I can not power the garage door opener off but can I unplug it or something while on vacation?

Posted by Wel

Admin: Most garage door openers are equipped with a small switch on the wall control button if its fairly new. What this switch does is allows you to lock the opener from the wall so that it will not function.

To find the switch just look for a small lock symbol. If it turns out that your opener doesn’t have one unplugging the unit would also be fine. However, it is still possible to raise the door with the opener disabled. a more secure alternative would be to engage the slide lock, this is the small box shaped lock which should be located either on the right or the left side of the garage door. The lock has a small metal slide that goes into the garage door track making it impossible to open the garage door from outside of the home.

If you do have a slide lock, remember to leave yourself a note to disengage the lock before you use it again. Many a home owner have destroyed their garage door by trying to operate the opener while the door is still locked. A situation like this will lead to a 300- 500 dollar repair.


Garage Door opener.?
I bought a new garage door opener, and i think it needs senses to close, because i don’t have them. Is there any way of installing or making my door open without sensors. Because they open, and don’t close, because think the problem is that i don’t have sensors. Thank you.

Posted by Ken

Admin: I would encourage you to find the hard-copy of the installation instructions or get them on-line etc because yes, all the new garage door openers have the red eye sensors that mount at the bottom of both sides and shoot a beam across.

The instructions are important because most likely the 2 sensors are each connected via wire…and yes, Sears would be a good starting place but you should buy the ones made by your particular garage door opener because Home Depot and Lowes also sells them.