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Setting up garage door opener remotes?
I have overhead legacy garage door..
I just bought a new van, and it came with a garage opener in the car.
So i set that one up and it worked fine..until the next day, when all 3 of our remotes and the opener in the car stopped working. I tried setting the remotes back up (press the learn button on the garage opener, press and hold the button on remote), but only one is being set… The other two remotes and the one in the car are not being set..
Please help with with this situation…Thank you!

Poster Elves

Admin: It’s hard to tell what’s happening since you didn’t say exactly what’s happening in your garage door setup (e.g. when it fails – you said “its not being set”, you should say how its failing – what error codes it shows using flashing light-codes and what they mean). You might have to look it up in the manual to know why it’s not working.

So without that info, most likely what’s happening is the opener already has the max number of remotes programmed. Most openers can work with a max of 5 or so remotes. After that, it won’t learn any more. So maybe your garage door opener reached the max (since you didn’t say you cleared it first, before you tried to set up the same remotes again).

Try this – look for a small “reset” button on the opener (it’ll be near the “learn” button, but small, sometimes it’s something you have to push with a toothpick or something – for safety). You might have to press and hold the “reset” button for a while, some openers require it for 30 seconds. Best thing is to look in the opener’s user manual. This will make it forget all of the earlier remotes and after that you can program up to the max (maybe 5 for yours) remotes. You said you had 3 from before, and the 4th in the van. You have to use the user manual to know if it works since most garage openers give you “pass” or “errors” codes using a little light that flashes in some-pattern – and to figure out the codes you need your user manual for the opener. Check it to make sure you erased the opener correctly. Pulling its plug will not work.

After you’ve reset / cleared the opener, you should program your van’s remote first. After that, program the other 3 older remotes. It should work.

If you don’t have your garage door opener’s user manual, sometimes you can find it online if you search for it.


How do I program my overhead doors brand garage door opener.?
I purchased a universal garage door opener remote and it wont work with my garage door opener.

Posted by Terry

Admin: You can search the internet for the manufacturer. Most
manufacturers have instructions on their sites. It is possible, however that many universal transmitters don’t work with the newer, high security rolling code technology. To find OEM transmitters for the openers, or to get help programming, try the link below.